How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts

Shirts do get dirty, whenever, wherever we wear. Shirts need to be washed and they pass through wear and tear. Applying little extra effort, we can have our shirts continue to give crisp and smart look for long period of time.

Following are the usual and popular methods of washing:

Wash at Cleaners

When we talk about shirt care, what we usually do is to take shirt to the dry cleaners, but what most of the dry cleaners do is they wash it and press it unless specific instructions are passed to only dry clean it. If the cleaners are not dry cleaning they usually do following:

  • Shirts are machine washed using some detergent
  • Spin cycle of machines removes most water
  • Finally damp shirts are pressed using industrial press

Though it is convenient to go to cleaners but their process of wash and pressing is harsh to shirts.

Washing at home

Washing shirt at home give you full control how you want to wash. Although it is considered to better approach for the quality of your shirt but at the same time this approach requires more of your time. The extra care needed while washing shirt at home includes:

  • Unbutton all of the shirt buttons including cuff and collar also remove collar stays.
  • Apply stain remover or detergents on specific areas if needed.
  • Use delicate cycle of washing machine if the fabric is delicate otherwise you may use normal cycle
  • Wash colored and white shirts separately, it’s okay to wash white shirts in hot water but use cold water for colored shirts.
  • Never use chlorine based detergents for colored shirt.
  • Hang the shirts or lay them straight to get them dried in air.
  • Iron the dried shirts. For cotton shirts you may use steam iron.

Getting shirts dry cleaned

This method of cleaning reduces the shrinkage and wear and tear of shirts. In case shirts have perspiration stains, this method of cleaning is not recommended. But to remove oil based stains dry cleaning works well.

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